Angela TorresAngela Torres

SVP, Closing Operations

Angela (Angee) Torres heads up Q2’s closing team, leveraging her 16+ years of experience in closing operations for commercial and SBA lending. Prior to Q2, Angee led the closing team for Certus Bank. Her deep experience has enabled her to develop policies, procedures and structure that create a smooth and transparent experience for clients.

After receiving her BA in Economics from Montclair State University, Angee’s career started with a decade of legal and title work with various law firms. Her commercial lending experience has also included work for Bank United, BNB Hana Bank and CIT Small Business Corporation.

Demonstrating Q2’s ‘work hard, play hard’ culture, two of Angee’s hobbies are hitting the gym (work hard) and baking cookies expertly decorated with royal icing (play hard). Her three sons happily enjoy the lion’s share of the cookie consumption.