Natalie BeaneNatalie Beane

Vice President, Business Development Officer

Before joining the SBA lending community, Natalie Beane worked in operations management for a utility management services firm where she worked for two entrepreneurs helping to grow a small business exponentially in preparation for its successful sale.  That experience helping to build something from the ground up inspired her to forge a career in SBA lending.  Her first-hand understanding of the challenges small businesses face and her experience working with entrepreneurs provide the foundation for her approach to SBA lending.

Natalie started her SBA career with Quadrant Financial where she had the good fortune to again work with two progressive entrepreneurs.   Through a sequence of acquisitions, she also worked for CertusBank and BankUnited before rejoining the Quadrant founders at Q2 Business Capital.

Natalie earned an undergraduate degree from University of Chicago and an MBA from University of Notre Dame where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in two years.  When she’s not working or enhancing her education, Natalie actively volunteers as a program coordinator for Girls, Inc. educating young girls on subjects ranging from economic literacy to conflict resolution. She’s also an avid football fan (Go Irish!), a repeat fantasy football champion, a yoga teacher and an ever-active mother of four.