Are You A Current Borrower?

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Submitting Your Financials

Annually, our borrowers are required to provide the following financial documents per their loan agreement. An initial request for all of the below will be made in late April/early May of each year. If returns are extended, a second request will be made in September/October. Please keep in mind that the Business Interim Statement, Business Debt Schedule, and Personal Financial Statement(s) must be current within six months of the date we receive your filed tax return.

  • Business Tax Return   If extended, we require proof of your filed Extension along with a Year-end Financial Statement (Balance Sheet and Income Statement)
  • Business Interim Statement  Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Business Debt Schedule  Must reflect all current debt; Click here to download the BDS form
  • Personal Tax Return  Must be submitted for all Guarantors; if extended, we require proof of the filed Extension(s)
  • Personal Financial Statement  Must be submitted for all Guarantors; Click here to download the PFS form
  • Proof of Required Insurance Policies  Documents must show policy dates, and are due upon policy renewal

You may upload your documents via our secure portal by clicking this button: